Dog Evaluation Policy

We offer an active and social environment for dogs. It is not suitable for dogs not healthy enough to play, dog aggressive or people aggressive.

A formal introduction and temperament test is required for all new dogs before they can participate in daycare or boarding at Lucky Dog. The evaluation day is free, but appointment required. We just ask that dog is at the facility before 10am, there is paperwork and proof of vaccinations are provided.

Vaccine Policy

Lucky Dog is a highly social environment for dogs. Just like in the human world, if something is going around you are going to be exposed, so you get vaccinated as a preventative measure. Any dog over 5 months must have the required vaccinations, however we recommend talking to your vet about getting them as early as possible.


  • Rabies– according to your vet’s recommendation (yearly or every 3 years depending on age and circumstances of your dog) We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary recommendation.
  • Distemper/parvo– yearly, or every 3 years if that is what your vet recommends. We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary recommendation.
  • Bordetella (Canine Cough) – either intranasal (6 months), oral (1 year) or injectable (1 year) depending on your vet’s preference.
  • H3N2 Canine Influenza (new strain) – We require the H3N2 canine influenza vaccine. Depending on the vet, this may require a booster. Good for 1 year. For puppies, ask your vet about getting it at the same time as their rabies vaccination.

Recommended, talk to your vet

Neutered or Spayed

All dogs boarding with playgroup or attending daycare must be neutered or spayed before they are 1 year old, however based on behavior it may be required sooner. Non neutered or spayed dogs will have to use our Individual Care option at either facility.

Medications, non-medications and supplements

We do not board dogs requiring more than 4 medications, non-medications and supplements, or with medications that need to be given every 8 hours.

Colorado Department of Agriculture requires

a) Prescription medication, including prescription bathing products, may only be administered to pet animals under the written direction of a licensed veterinarian.

b) Boarding/training facilities acting as agents for the owner may administer prescription medication to pet animals being boarded as directed by the owner’s veterinarian. If the operators agree to administer prescription medications, the medications must be in the original container issued by veterinarian or pharmacy and administered according to label directions. The label must include: client name/pet name, dosage, drug name, veterinarian’s name, and date issued. All supplements or non-prescription medications must be in their original container.

c) Treatment records must be kept on all pet animals (except fish and invertebrates) that receive any medications or immunizations used in the treatment or prevention of illness, or the treatment of injury, while in the care of the pet animal facility. These records must include the identification of the pet animal receiving medical treatment, signs of illness, reason for medical treatment, or veterinary diagnosis, the name of the medication or immunization used, the amount of medication used, and the time and date on which the medication or immunization was administered.

d) Boarding/training facilities may not administer tranquilizers, sedatives, or any other pharmaceutical drug or non-pharmaceutical drug or supplement designed to calm an animal unless the drug or supplement is administered under the direction of the animal’s veterinarian, with a written prescription from the animal’s veterinarian, and with written permission from the animal’s owner.


We are happy to give tours at either Lucky Dog location. Please note that our during our high volume times of the day (6am-9am & 3pm-6pm), there may be a wait. Best times are between 10am and 2pm.

*We do not give tours around the holidays, due to the high number of dogs boarding during that time.

*We recommend that you take your tour, and fill out paperwork before your dog is scheduled to board, or arrives for their first session of daycare. Remember that your dog must have an evaluation before boarding or daycare. Schedule your appointment at Lucky Dog Central at 599-9663 or Lucky Dog South 527-9663.

What to bring

All of our overnight guests should bring their own food, and any medication needed. (see Medication Protocol)

We provide beds, blankets and bowls. We will not use any beds or blankets that have “stuffing” as this is a choking hazard.

High Occupancy Days

During times of high occupancy dogs may be rotated through the play area in manageable numbers. This is for the safety and comfort of the dogs, and is generally only necessary around holidays. All dogs will receive their share of play time!