Quality Play

Google ‘how much exercise does a dog need a day’

As with a lot of searches there is no one answer, however the consensus is Puppies, Smalls, Seniors and Giants need 30 – 90 minutes, and Mediums and Larges 90 – 180 minutes. We work with a dog’s natural cycle; play, rest, repeat. They do not play all day.

No group has more than 15 dogs. This means multiple groups allowing us to separate dogs by size, temperament and activity level. This allows our staff to better engage with the dogs.

Quality of play is more important than quantity of play.

Why dog daycare is good for your dog?

Dog Socialization

Small groups, space and supervision allows for socialization and learning social cues in a controlled environment.


Dogs release more energy when they have room play and friends to play with. Rest throughout the day, means their play is better quality during their play time and their temperament better with their canine friends, while experiencing a healthy amount of exercise.


Enrichment and engagement during playtime. Even the act of moving the dogs around provides interest during their daycare day!

Human Interaction

As the groups are no more than 15 dogs, it allow our handlers to interact with the dogs. The rotations mean is is not just in play group, but also moving between various areas. Building their confidence with humans, as well as dogs.

Peace of Mind

You have peace of mind knowing that your dog is well cared for during your work hours or while you are away. From exercise, engagement, socialization and interaction.

Daycare is not for Every Dog

We have an active and social environment. This is not right for all dogs. We have a free evaluation day to ensure we are the right fit for your dog. Your dog must be healthy enough to play. We don’t accept dogs that are dog or people aggressive.

Gazette Article: Why dogs don’t play all day

Dog Socialization
Dog Enrichment

The story Mojo and Willow, the Lucky Dog difference

Willow is a very friendly and tolerant dog that loves daycare! Willow’s mom brings her to a play all day daycare. Willow plays until she is tired, then she tries to find a place on the playfloor to rest.

Mojo comes to daycare later, and he is a very happy boy! Mojo ready to play! One of his favorite playmates is Willow, and there she is. He runs up to her and presents his most elegant play bow. Willow is still tired and opens one eye to see who is disturbing her beauty sleep. Willow loves Mojo, but she has already played and wants to rest before starting again.

Mojo decides to nudge Willow a little to initiate some play, but she has little patience for his prompting. Willow nips Mojo on the leg to send him a clear message. Mojo is unsure of the problem but sadly moves on to another playmate. This has not been a satisfactory encounter for either dog.

It is not just Mojo, other dogs keep being added to the group as the day goes on and at one point there are 40 dogs in the group. This means no one gets a chance to rest and relax.

Same dogs, different scenario:

This time Willow comes to Lucky Dog, after playing she taken to her own kennel to rest.  Mojo is in the same play group as Willow, with no more than 15 dogs of same size, temperament and activity level. This means they come out together for the next play rotation, excited and happy to see each other. They play then rest. This routine continues all day until their moms pick them up. It has been a very satisfactory play event – no one is overly tired or grumpy, and Mojo did not get the confusing signal of a leg nip!

The Lesson:

Dogs that are overly tired tend to be short tempered, just like people. The major problem with most dog daycares is that they try to push too much playtime into one day, resulting in bad tempers, and sometimes injuries. Lucky Dog is going to ensure your dog gets adequate exercise by increasing the exercise area, and the adding more human friends to the groups.  We think this is a better way to play!

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