Quality Play

Your dog doesn’t play all day. You’ve seen it at home: One minute, she’s at the door with her tennis ball in her mouth, desperate for a game of catch. Next, she’s conked out on the couch. Our program respect a dogs’ natural cycle of rest and play. No group is more than 15 dogs, giving your dog room, time to recover, interactive supervision and greatly improving the quality of play.

Why dog daycare is good for your dog

Dog Socialization

Small groups, space and supervision allows for socialization and learning social cues in a controlled environment.


Dogs release more energy when they have room play. Rest throughout the day, means they play harder during their play time and their temperament better with their canine friends, while experiencing a healthy amount of exercise.


The very act of changing location (from inside playareas to outside to rest area and back again) varies your dog’s environment and sources of stimulation. Just the act of moving dogs around provides interest during their daycare day!

Human Socialization

As the groups are no more than 15 dogs it allow our handlers to interact with the dogs. Not just in play group but also moving between various areas. Building their confidence with humans, as well as dogs.

You Get A Break

It can be exhausting looking after a dog day after day or you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone. With dog daycare you know that she is being cared for and having fun.

Gazette Article: Why dogs don’t play all day. We use a dog’s natural active/rest cycle to provide quality play.

Dog Socialization
Dog Enrichment

A little story tells you why our way of daycare is best:

Mojo and Willow

Willow is a very friendly, tolerant dog that loves to come to playgroup! Willow ‘s mom brings her to Lucky Dog every day at 7:30 AM . Willow plays from the time she enters Lucky Dog until she is really tired. At about 9 AM she takes a rest in her favorite spot on the daycare floor.

At 9 AM Mojo comes to daycare, and he is a very happy boy! He has been at home resting in his favorite arm chair just waiting for this moment! Mojo ready to play! One of his favorite playmates is Willow , and there she is. He runs up to her and presents his most elegant play bow. Willow is tired and opens one eye to see who is disturbing her beauty sleep. Willow loves Mojo, but has been playing for two hours and wants to rejuvenate herself before starting again.

Mojo decides to nudge Willow a little to initiate some play, but she has little patience for his prompting. Willow nips Mojo on the leg to send him a clear message. Mojo is unsure of the problem but sadly moves on to another playmate. This has not been a satisfactory encounter for either dog.

Same dogs, different scenario:

This time Willow played for an hour when she came to Lucky Dog, and then was given an hour of rest.  Mojo enters the play group and Willow is excited and happy to see him. They play for a full hour and are then given another chance to rest. This routine continues all day until their moms pick them up. It has been a very satisfactory play event – no one is overly tired or grumpy, and Mojo did not get the confusing signal of a leg nip!

The Lesson:

Dogs that are overly tired tend to be short tempered, just like people. The major problem with most dog daycares is that they try to push too much playtime into one day, resulting in bad tempers, and sometimes injuries. Lucky Dog is going to ensure your dog gets adequate exercise by increasing the exercise area, and the adding more human friends to the groups.  We think we have come up with a better way to play!

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