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Free bags of dog food! – Frequent Buyer Programs

Pet Supplies 1

Blue Buffalo: Buy 10 Bags get 1 free.  Must be same size.

Pet Supplies 2

Precise: Buy 12 Bags get 1 free. Must be same size and same flavor.

Pet Supplies 3

Nutro: Buy 10 bags get 1 free. You can mix and match same size Natural Choice, Max and Ultra. The free bag will be the one that is the cheapest.

Pet Supplies 4

Natural Balance: Buy 12 Bags get 1 free. Must be same size, and 10 lb bag or larger.

Compare Lucky Dog prices with what you are paying!

We carry Natural Balance, Merrick Brands, Precise, Blue Buffalo and Nutro Foods.

We stock Instinct Raw frozen dog food (Central only, at this time)

Did you know that most of the “popular” commercial pet foods you see advertised on television use the waste products from the human food industry to make dog foods? Is your dog food full of corn? This is an undigestable cheap filler used to extend dog food. Did you know that some chemicals used to preserve dog food are similar to anti-freeze? Come to Lucky Dog and choose a quality brand of food that will extend your dog’s health and longevity! We only sell quality foods at competitive prices.



At Lucky Dog, we believe in offering the most nutritious food and treats for your dogs and cats, at prices you can afford. If you prefer a brand that Lucky Dog doesn’t currently carry, email Becky at [email protected]


Pet Supplies 1

Pet Supplies 3

Pet Supplies 7

Pet Supplies 2

Pet Supplies 4


Iams Pro Pac Eukanuba Nutro Royal Canin Wellness Whole Meals Pedigree Purina Greenies

Other Flavors and Sizes available by ordering at the Front Desk – available for pick up within 3-4 days in most cases!!!



We carry a large selection of collars and leashes, these great Lupine products are guaranteed, even if your dog chews through them!

Our dog toy and treat selection is constantly changing, so check out what we have to offer!


We carry Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Formula, as well as Precise Natural Fish Flavor Dry Formula.  The kitties at the Central Lucky Dog went nuts for both foods!

We will begin carrying ‘Worlds Best Cat Litter’ very soon. It truely is a fantastic kitty litter. Also check out our selection of cat toys and collars.