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2010 Report


Dog Statistics

LDR had 38 adoptions, took in 42 dogs, and 8 returns. This is a 21% return rate, but only 10.52% were LDR returns, the rest were 9Lives returns, which LDR pledged to honor, since the 9Lives dog division was dissolved. (disclaimer – if you are keeping up with the math, please note that for statistical purposes returned dogs are counted as separate dogs.)

  • Dogs stayed with us for an average of 31 days.
  • 24 dogs were owner surrenders
  • 4 dogs were transfers from the dissolved 9Lives dog division
  • 8 dogs were transfers from CO shelters
  • 1 dog was a transfer from an out of state shelter
  • 1 dog was a stray
  • 4 dogs were 9Lives returns (which LDR pledged to honor)
  • 4 dogs were LDR returns

Financial Report

Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc. was incorporated on 7/13/2010. The adoption fee for our very first dog – Stella – enabled us to pay for our incorporation fee and for our PACFA License. The next big step was Fundraising so we could buy food and cover vet bills. The First Annual “Food for Furries/Dogs and Dubs” was born. The brainchild of our current Fundraising Coordinator Cara Marshall and in Cooperation with the “Suicidal V-Dubbers” Car Club was born. The money was raised under Dog Scouts of America Troop 203 as we did not have the means yet to apply for our 501(c)3 status. The troop then paid for dog food until the amount raised was spent.

  • Adoption Fees: $5,249.16
  • Food for Furries: $1,200.00 (*see above)
  • Veterinary Services: ($1,910.49) – (*mainly spay/neuters, vaccines and medications)
  • Other Dog Related: ($227.19) – (*Food, Leashes, Toys, Microchips)
  • Administrative: ($219.11) – (*includes PACFA License $175 and CO nonprofit registration $10)
  • Fundraising: ($89.37) – (*drinks and ice for Food for Furries)
  • 40% of moneys received went right back into the care of our dogs
  • 5% of moneys received went into administrative fees
  • 55% of moneys received went into the bank 🙂 (We have NO paid staff; we work with ALL volunteers, even the Board of Directors!)