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2011 Report


Dog Statistics

LDR did 132 adoptions, had an overflow of 8 dogs from 2010, took in 123 dogs, and 13 returns. This is a 9.8% return rate and of the 13 returns 11 were re-adopted = 85%. (disclaimer – if you are keeping up with the math, please note that for statistical purposes returned dogs are counted as separate dogs.)

  • Dogs stayed with us for an average of 28 days.
  • 61 dogs were owner surrenders
  • 23 dogs were transfers from CO shelters
  • 29 dogs were transfers from out of state shelters
  • 6 dogs were strays
  • 3 dogs were abandoned after boarding at Lucky Dog Resorts
  • 1 dog was a 9Lives return (which LDR pledged to honor)
  • 13 dogs were LDR returns

Financial Report

In September of 2011 we applied for 501(c)3 status with the IRS. As of 2/1/12 this is still pending. It should be mentioned that we work mainly with foster homes, who a lot of times will pay for food. Also, Lucky Dog Resorts graciously offers some of their space as well as man-power to care for our dogs. Those fostered at Lucky Dog Central receive training from our Apprentices. As we become better known, many wonderful clients and other animal lovers started donating food and other items to our cause. Towards the end of the year we were pretty much blown away, when we asked for help with Yuki’s Heartworm Treatment and received more donations than our 2nd Annual Food For Furries/Dogs and Dubs was able to raise! Thank YOU!

  • Adoption Fees: $18,592
  • Donations for “Yuki”: $2606.90
  • Food for Furries: $1,441.84
  • Veterinary Services: ($10,615.42) – (*spay/neuters – ALL the TX16 puppies had to be fixed – vaccines, medication, neurological and ophthalmologist for Wilson, luxating Patella fixed for Snortz and part of Yuki’s Heartworm treatment)
  • Other Dog Related: ($1881.56) – (*Food, Leashes, Toys, Microchips)
  • Administrative: ($2030.69) – (*includes licensing fees – PACFA $175, $10 for CO non-profit registration – and IRS application $850)
  • Fundraising: ($650.24) – (*dunk tank and various essentials for Food for Furries)
  • 55% of moneys received went right back into the care of our dogs
  • 11% of moneys received went into administrative fees
  • 34% of moneys received went into the bank 🙂 (We have NO paid staff; we work with ALL volunteers, even the Board of Directors!)

Click HERE for our 990N E-Postcard filing with the IRS