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Other Services

Other Services

Lucky Dog Cash Card

If you enjoy purchasing dog Daycare packages because of the savings you receive, our unique Cash Card service is for you!

With the Lucky Dog Cash Card our clients can “load” their card with payment for a Silver or Gold package and receive the appropriate discount on their dog’s daycare. What’s unique is that you can use your daycare package money any way you want! The amount on your Card will be tracked by our software AND on the Cash Card kept at Lucky Dog. Every time you use a service or make a purchase, that amount is subtracted; all you do is initial your card!

Clients may have only one cash card active at any one time.

Any amount of money can be loaded onto the Cash Card, but daycare discount is given only if the equivalent payment of a Silver or Gold package is provided.

Dog daycare discount will remain in effect until all money on the purchased Cash Card is used. Once the Cash Card balance is zero another package must be purchased to continue receiving the appropriate discount.

Even if you only use daycare a few times a month this plan saves you money! Your money can be used for daycare today, boarding tomorrow and a bag of dog food the next day. All you do is initial your card – it’s that easy! Why have your money locked down in a daycare package system that demands you use the money for daycare, then have someone tell you your package is expired and you’ve lost your money? That will never happen at Lucky Dog; our daycare packages NEVER expire!

Cash Cards are non-refundable, unless you no longer own the dog or you are moving out of the Colorado Springs area. Remember, that balances on cash cards may be used not only for boarding and daycare, but also for grooming or retail.

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