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My dog is boarding and disappears for awhile mid-morning and then again mid-afternoon. I assume he’s having his meal, but I know how fast he eats at home! Why is he in his kennel for much longer than it takes him to eat?

Energetic play right after eating may be factor in causing a condition called bloat. This condition is also known as gastric torsion, and there are many theories about what causes it. Bloat is most often seen in deep chested, large breeds, but can occur with less frequency, in any breed. Bloat involves a “twisting” of the stomach which does not allow food to come in or out, and causes a buildup of gas (thus the term “bloat”). Fortunately, bloat is rare and play is a very important part of a dog’s life! However, resting after meals may help prevent this condition. It also helps those who get so excited to be back in the group after eating, that they promptly return the meal to us!

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