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Lucky Dog’s outside areas are concrete and pavement. Why not have a grassy area for the dogs to play on?

This is a good question, but one that has an easy answer. Sanitation and maintenance. You may notice that with even one dog your back yard it can look pretty rough. Dogs and dog urine are very hard on grass. Even if we put grass in, it would soon die, and we would be left with a dust bowl – not good for dogs or our guardians. Also, you cannot sanitize dirt. Certain canine viruses can live in areas with a dirt base for up to 10 years! Our cement and concrete can be power washed, sanitized, deodorized, and is basically the safest most hygienic surface you can use under paw. Some dog owners think their dogs won’t potty unless they have grass. I assure you, this is not the case. Sometimes dogs on leashes get into a habit of preferring grass when you are walking them, or in their back yards. However, once a dog catches the scent of other dog’s eliminations, and they know this is the spot – believe us….they go!

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