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It sometimes appears that the guardians are ignoring the dogs that may come up to be petted – shouldn’t they be giving the dogs some affection?

Our guardians are discouraged from a lot of interaction with the dogs in the form of affection petting or particularly, lifting them off the ground. First of all most dogs are around people all day, and daycare is the place for dogs to meet dogs. Secondly, showing a lot of attention to one dog can create jealousy, which in a group of enthusiastic dogs can cause tension. The guardians are basically observing the groups rather than interacting with them. Picking up dogs (this is hard to resist in the small dog groups:) elevates the status of that particular dog, which may not sit well with the others. Those with more than one dog have probably seen the competitive nature dogs have for attention in their own homes. Now, think of how many dogs we are dealing with in the group!

Lucky Dog has a program of organized dog activities in our dog groups. These activities were designed by our trainers to provide stimulation, exercise and learning without causing conflict. A few of these activities are bubble chase, tennis (using plenty of tennis balls for everyone), basic obedience skills and follow the leader.

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