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I notice that sometimes the dogs will relieve themselves on the playfloor rather than outside. Will playing at Lucky Dog negatively affect my dog’s housebreaking?

The answer to this question is, no and here is the reason. Dogs don’t think of “home” or your “house” as a series of walls and a ceiling. Dogs instinctively do not like to soil their own dens. Home to a dog is the place where he interacts with other pack members, namely your family. There are strong “family smells” in your home. So, dogs “smell” home – the concept of a certain internal space being home is not clear to them. There are no family smells at Lucky Dog, and the dogs do not get the impression “not to go” the way they do in their homes. We always encourage the dogs to potty outside for increased indoor sanitation, but the occasional variation on this routine will not affect housebreaking.

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