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Every once in a while the dogs are removed from the playfloor and the lights are dimmed. What’s up with that?

This does not happen very often, but here’s what it’s about. If we have a “disagreement” between a couple of the players it is felt throughout the group, just like a crowd altercation is felt in a group of humans. If this occurs, we put everyone in a daycare kennel, dim the lights and turn on the softest music we have (they love the “Doggy Lullabies!”) This calms everyone down and gives them a chance to think about playing nicely:) This is especially important to the more “sensitive” players, and usually lasts only about 10 minutes. (Note – since the introduction of our new rest/activity schedule, we have not had any type of incident where the group time out was necessary. This type of time out is becoming a thing of the past!)

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