Cat Boarding

Providing spacious and airy accommodation for your cat. They will enjoy large rooms with plenty of natural light. Cat boarding is only available at our South location. Please call 719 527 9663 to schedule a tour of our cat boarding area!

Family Town Homes

House 1
House 3
House 3

Single Condos

Condo 1
Condo 2
Condo 3

Tours, drop off and pickup by appointment only. Call our South location, 719 527 9663.

Boarding rates, per night:

  • 16 – One cat
  • 30 – Two cats sharing
  • 42 – Three cats sharing
  • Large family suite call for price
  • 10% discount, if you board your cat and dog at the same time

* Cats sharing condos must be from the same family.

Requirements of boarding:

*Annual feline distemper (a four or five in one vaccine)

*Rabies vaccine as determined by your vet (1 or 3 year)

*Please make sure your cat has vaccines at least one week before boarding.

*We do not require the feline leukemia vaccine, but recommend it if your cat EVER goes outdoors.

*Cats that are over 4 months old must be spayed or neutered.

What do I bring for my cat?

*His or her own food

*His or her own bed if desired. Lucky cat boarding has beds available at no charge, or a cozy cuddler (warm igloo style covered bed) for an additional $1.00 per day (limited availability).

*Lucky Cat boarding uses clay litter. If your cat uses a special type of litter other than clay, you must bring it with you.

*A favorite toy if desired. Cat nip toys are great and so are ping pong balls and bird feathers.

*Written proof (such as a receipt) from your veterinarian showing the date and type of vaccine your cat received.

*Any medication your cat takes and an explanation as to how to administer.

Cats should be brought to Lucky Cat in a carrier. Please leave your cat in the car and check in at the front desk. After check in you will be admitted through a door leading directly into the cat room.

Prices effective October 1st 2016