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Class Descriptions

Dog Training Class Descriptions


Ages 8 weeks through 5 months

Requirements: Puppies must have had at least the second distemper/parvo vaccine and the bordetella (canine cough) vaccine (at least 72 hours before class), a maximum of ten puppies will be accepted into this class. First class will be an orientation without your pup.

Your Pup Will Learn: Basic obedience, socialization, housetraining, and prevention of behavioral problems. Puppy play includes different surfaces, play equipment, and learing good doggie etiquette (so important for alleviating future problems). Off leash playtime will will be the first 15 minutes of class, so don’t be late!



Dogs 6 months and older

Requirements: Up to date vaccines (distemper/parvo and rabies) and bordetella (canine cough), or canine cough titre, within 6 months (and at least 72 hours before class). First class without your dog. Maximum 10 dogs per class.

Your Lucky Dog Will Learn: Basic obedience come, sit, down, stay, etc., socialization, and good doggie etiquette. Problem behaviors will be addressed, and problem solving methods discussed and practiced. This class includes some clicker work.




Busy, overworked or overwhelmed? Our Day Training option can help. * We train your dog at your home or in your neighborhood twice a week for 2 weeks – and you don’t even have to be there. * An initial consultation WITH you is required. * At the end of the 2 weeks we will have a follow-up session with you, to refine your training plan and to answer questions. * If more training is needed additional blocks of 2 sessions (includes a follow up) can be purchased at $50.

PLAY AND TRAIN, $25.00 per lesson

Basic obedience and social skill training while your dog is in daycare at Lucky Dog Central.


IN-HOME PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS, All Trainers, Three 1 1/2 hour sessions at your home (private one-on-one work). Cost – $300.00

Each session is scheduled 2 weeks apart. This is a customized program to suit your needs from obedience, housebreaking, leash manners, door bolting, counter surfing, coming when called etc.