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Dogs Just Want to Have Fun™


Our Training Philosophy

Your interaction with your dog creates the unique and immensely rewarding bond between the two of you. We use only gentle, reward-based training to nurture this bond. What you learn in class can easily be practiced at home as your dog learns that “nothing in life is free” and he will “learn to earn” his food, treats, praise or favorite toy. We do not, nor have we ever, tolerated any type of abusive handling toward any dog in our classes, or in our care.


Puppy Class (8 week course, $150) – 8 weeks to 6 months

Basic Obedience (8 week course, $150) – 6 months and older

Intermediate / Advanced

Dogs should have successfully completed basic obedience in order to take Intermediate/Advanced class. Your lucky dog will continue to practice and master basic obedience cues, though at a much higher level, using more distractions and off leash work. Your dog will learn “place,” sit, down and stand at a distance, stays with distractions including close proximity to other dogs and more advanced recall work.


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