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Dog Evaluation Policy

A formal introduction is required for all new dogs before they daycare or board at Lucky Dog. The evaluation is free and includes a free day of daycare! Appointments are required for evaluations, and proof of vaccinations is required.

Vaccine Policy

  • Rabies– according to your vet’s recommendation (yearly or every 3 years depending on age and circumstances of your dog) We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary recommendation.
  • Distemper/parvo– yearly, or every 3 years if that is what your vet recommends. We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary recommendation.
  • Bordetella (Canine Cough) – either intranasal or injectable every year, however, their may be an advantage in receiving the injectable and we do recommend your dog receive it in that form.
  • Canine Influenza Vaccine (*Although we do not require this vaccine we do recommend it for dogs that interact with other dogs) – Initially given in two doses, initial and booster. Good for 1 year – if expired one week waiting period for re-entry to Lucky Dog

*Our veterinarian advises that any facility that serves canines in large groups (particularly in Colorado Springs, and other national flu virus “hot spots”) should be vaccinated for canine flu, so we highly recommend this vaccine. 

Canine Flu

Some of you may remember the canine flu outbreak of 2008. Since the canine flu is highly contagious and a new virus in the canine population (having jumped species from horses to dogs) dogs have no natural resistance to the disease. In 2008, dogs all over Colorado Springs became sick with the flu, but all who were exposed will now have some natural immunity to it. How long the canine natural immunity lasts is a matter of speculation in the veterinary community.

We now have a vaccine to help protect our dogs against the flu. In an effort to prevent another major outbreak at Lucky Dog or Colorado Springs in general, we highly recommend every social dog receive this vaccine. Those of us who care for dogs in large groups cannot ignore the highly contagious aspects of this flu, nor can we ignore a vaccine that may help prevent or at least lessen the symptoms of the virus. The vaccine also reduces the duration of “viral shedding.” This means that a dog with the flu is not contagious for as long a time if he has had the vaccination.

Did you know? Canine influenza was so prevalent in Colorado Springs in 2008 that the developers of the vaccine came here to study it, and use Colorado Springs as an example in their vaccine literature!

To read Gazette’s canine flu vaccine article, Click Here

Please read the USA Today canine flu vaccine article. Remember that your dog will come in contact with other dogs, your dog will be required to have bordetella at every dog care facility in town, and Colorado Springs is a “hot zone.” Pay closest attention to paragraph 6 and note the hot zones listed to the left. Click Here

Canine Cough – Simplified In Human Terms

You visit a daycare center for your child and find it to be clean, well run, safe, and your child is happy there. Enter another child who happens to be coming down with a cold. This child coughs and sneezes near your child and the particles containing the virus or bacteria move through the air and are inhaled by your child. Nothing humanly possible can stop the spread of this cold unless one of two things happen. First, the child showing signs of the cold is kept home away from other children, or the child is heard to sneeze or cough by a daycare worker and is immediately put into isolation, away from other children. A proper isolation area prevents the air that child is breathing from mixing with the air every one else is breathing, but any child already exposed is susceptible to the illness as well.

Substitute the word “dog” for “child” in the above paragraph and you have the canine cough scenario. Canine cough is here to stay, and the bordetella vaccine, although helpful, does not prevent all types of this bacteria strain. At Lucky Dog we take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously, but it does not mean your dog will not get canine cough at Lucky Dog, or any other canine facility. No dog showing signs of illness is permitted to enter our facilities, but a dog may be harboring a virus without showing signs of it himself. When looking for a canine care facility ask the staff if a one-way air flow isolation room is available. This is a Dept of Agriculture requirement! An isolation room does not have to be pretty, but it does have to be effective. Bathrooms, cubby areas, and closets do not make effective isolation rooms!

Should your dog experience any of the symptoms listed below, please call your veterinarian and do not expose him to other dogs.

  • Cough/gagging/vomiting
  • Nasal or eye discharge
  • Excessive sneezing
  • Loss of appetite and/or general lethargy

To learn more about Canine Cough and our procedures, see What Is Canine Cough?

Neutered or Spayed

All dogs boarding with playgroup or attending daycare must be neutered or spayed. Established dogs, having proven their compatibility with the group are exempt from this rule. Dogs that are not old enough for spaying or neutering are also exempt, but must be spayed or neutered at their vet’s age recommendation. Non neutered or spayed dogs may be straight boarded at either facility.


We are happy to give you a tour of either Lucky Dog location! Please note the following guidelines when requesting a tour. Keep in mind that we do not give tours during high volume boarding times to limit the stress of visitors on our boarding dogs. We also restrict tours at certain times of the day due to the high volume of dogs coming and going, and at times we are preparing the dogs to rest.

*We give tours:
Weekdays: 8 AM to 5:30 PM
Weekends: 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM & 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

*We do not give tours from Nov 21st – Dec 2 or from Dec 20 – Jan 5, Memorial day weekend, July 2 – July 5, and Labor Day weekend due to the high number of dogs boarding during that time. We reserve the right to cancel tours during other high volume boarding events or holidays.

*We recommend that you take your tour, and fill out paperwork, at least one week before your dog is scheduled to board, or arrives for his first session of daycare. Remember that your dog must have an evaluation before boarding or daycare. Schedule your appointment at Lucky Dog Central at 599-9663 or Lucky Dog South 527-9663.

What to bring

All dogs entering either Lucky Dog Resort must wear a plastic or metal name tag with at least the dog’s name and the last name of the owner. Other information on the tag is optional.

All of our overnight guests should bring their own, food, any medication needed and one favorite toy (no rope toys please.) Tired of having your dog’s bed return from the kennel looking….somewhat different? We have large comfy clean blankets and beds for your dog to snuggle in during his stay, and we also provide bowls.

High Occupancy Days

During times of high occupancy dogs may be rotated through the play area in manageable numbers. This is for the safety and comfort of the dogs, and is generally only necessary around holidays. All dogs will receive their share of play time!