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Can I access webcams directly from my Smartphone?

We have an app for that! There are two versions of a web app, one for iPhones and for other smart phones:


This is optimized for the Safari browser on the iPhone, but it seems to work on desktop Chrome (Google) browser as well. Go to iPhone

To put this on you home screen just bookmark and select “Add to Home Screen”. It does remember the last webcam viewed.

Not an iPhone

This is a generic version that should run on any browser, even your desktop/laptop. Go to mobile

Had feedback that some browsers on some smartphones don’t support our camera feeds, here are some suggestions from clients:

Skyfire. They support; Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian.

Fennec (Mobile Firefox). They support; Nokia Maemo and Google Android

If you have any problems with either of these web apps, or any feedback on mobile browsers that work, please email Neal

Else you can use the direct links below to bookmark individual cameras:

Central – Main 1

Central – Main 2

Central – Tiny Dog/Multi-Purpose Play Area

Central – Outside Play Area

South – Main 1

South – Main 2

South – Tiny Dog/Multi-Purpose Play Area

South – Outside Play Area

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